Monday, February 14, 2011

Wolperdinger: The Beast is Alive and Well in Bavaria

Well, I have much more exciting posts to follow later this week, but I wanted to share something I found while procrastinating via the web recently. I am not sure what I started with first, probably StumbleUpon, but I came across a blog about German cooking. So I started Googling different aspects of German culture and geography. Soon, I found myself Googling "Bavarian Beast," and to my surprise I came across this little gem of an article about German wildlife:

"There is also a strange beast living in Bavaria. It is an elusive little animal that very few people had the chance of seeing. It is best described as a white, rather round, hairy little animal with a beak and horned ears..." 

People, I would not describe myself as little, but rather round and hairy... sure... okay.  Also, I have been told I have a dark complexion, but I am white on the Census and of mainly German ancestry. While most of my ancestors reigned from the province of Westfalia, they were in Germany, and somewhat close to the province of Bavaria. So I kept reading with increased interest.
"...Its feet are like that of a bird..."

Okay, here is where I got a little too excited. My feet are like that of a bird. My second and third toes on each of my feet are webbed. I have webbed toes. Exhibit A:
 The paragraph continued...

"...and its name is as strange as the beast itself: Wolperdinger."

Now this was all in a post I found at this website that had an article about wildlife. The part about the Bavarian Beast is at the end of the post. After I read it, I started to Google Wolperdinger, but found all other descriptions to be less entertaining as they mostly resembled the Jackalope. Here is the picture listed with the post I read:

 What do you think? Add some red suspenders and dark Shiner stains and it's my twin? Ha ha. I thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious and knew I had to share. 

On a completely different note, to all those who may or may not be celebrating Valentine's Day, read here for a quick overview of its true origins. Also, if you feel you must partake, do it with some humor. Someecards is the best website for a quick shot of daily humor, especially on occasions such as this. 

Beast Out!


  1. I am so happy you have discovered your long lost twin, and part of your beastly heritage.

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